Sunday, January 13, 2008

Get Involved in Your Community

Many who buy homes in communities like Princeton Landing do so because a homeowners' association handles some of the chores of homeownership, such as cutting the grass, clearing snow from the driveway, or painting the deck. While it's true that living here lets us leave some things to the community, "FVCSA" isn't some remote entity that does everything needed to take care of residents' homes. In fact, FVCSA isn't anyone other than than us, the homeowners who live here. There are 600 homes in Princeton Landing — enough for a small town in some places. Someone has to help prepare a budget, oversee the property management firm we hire, make decisions about policies affecting homeowners, and otherwise do the things needed to run our community. Unless residents are willing to get involved, our community cannot succeed.

PLEASE GET INVOLVED — VOLUNTEER FOR A COMMITTEE! Call the management office or your parcel chair for further information about opportunities to get involved at Princeton Landing.