Monday, October 1, 2007

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Dr. Ruth Orenstein said...

I have lived at Princeton Landing for 21 years and love the community. What I do not love, however, is Brigman's work. Two years ago, a beautiful Japanese Maple, for which I paid personally and which was approved by the landscaping committee when it was planted by the original family-owned landscaping service (whose name escapes me but who were wonderful) was hacked by the unsupervised Brigman team. Last year, the mature rhododendrons adjoining my deck were butchered by Brigman. This year, not only has my Japanese Maple again been hacked but also shrubs that took years to reach maturity in my planters have been cut back to a level that makes me wonder if there will ever be growth again. All of my complaints and pleas--which have ranged from polite inquiries through screams of frustration--have obviously meant absolutely nothing. For one or two years, the white flags indicating that I would do my own gardening work prevented this mayhem; but last year, I was told that the white flags will be ignored. Surely, I am not the only homeowner that is frustrated and upset by this. Please let me know. At this point, as much as I would prefer to continue to live here quietly and privately, I am willing to represent those of us who would like to be heard collectively in the hope that appropriate oversight will be forthcoming.
Dr. Ruth Orenstein
625 Sayre