Saturday, November 15, 2008

Statement of the Candidates

As candidates in this year's election for the Board of Directors, Paul Nolting, Mari Molenaar and Rich Ciarciello support the following statement :

Princeton Landing is a special place. We have a distinctive architectural style and landscape that sets us apart from the cookie cutter design so common in other communities. To maintain this unique character, we have to deal with three challenges:

  1. In this difficult economy, we must keep any further increases in monthly fees to an absolute minimum. Our monthly fees are among the highest in the area and must be controlled. Substantial increases would make it more difficult to market our homes and may reduce property values and our equity.
  2. We must face the fact that homes in Princeton Landing are now old enough that roofing, paving and other major components will need repairs or replacement in the foreseeable future. We must build our capital reserves to meet those costs.
  3. We must continue to provide maintenance services and landscape care that meet the high expectations of our residents and preserve the character of our community.

These challenges impose conflicting demands on our Association’s finances. The first two will limit the amount of money we have to meet the third. The need is therefore obvious: we must control our operating costs. In the short term, our Association must get good value for every dollar it spends. In the longer term, we must plan and manage more effectively and reduce what it costs to operate and maintain the property. With better fiscal responsibility and strategic thinking, we can work to minimize our expenses and still achieve our community goals. As members of the Board we will focus on finding ways the community can operate more efficiently.