Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming Soon: Rejuvenative Pruning

Right after New Year's, our landscape contractor Brickman will begin the second phase of their three-year rejuvenative pruning program. The program was developed by their regional horticulturist and is one of the services included in Brickman's contract. It is intended to enhance the landscape design, maintain the health of the plants and create a beautiful natural environment for the community. Brickman's long-range goal is to create a consistent look for the entire community while maintaining the health of the plants. Viburnum, Inkberry Holly, and Azaleas and Rhododendrons will be pruned during this phase.

Rejuvenative pruning is very aggressive and seems drastic, but it is very good for the plant. The highest impact will be on the large rhododendrons. In some locations in the community these plants are completely covering windows and even rising above the roof line. The height of these plants will be reduced dramatically. Plant material will be pruned using the proper horticultural techniques, but some plants may need a few seasons to redevelop a full and visually pleasing appearance. A rejuvenated shrub will eventually result in a new, vigorous, well-established plant.

Matt Lubas, our property manager for landscaping, reports, "Brickman recognizes our desire for an appealing landscape and our residents' need to maintain privacy. They will do their best to preserve each home's curb appeal and deal with individual privacy concerns." If you have any questions about rejuvenative pruning, please feel free to contact your parcel's landscape chair or management at The Smith House.


Helene said...

If this rejuvenative pruning includes the very sad rhododendrons in Parcel I, I will be very happy. They really need some attention.

Anonymous said...

The pruning will include the rhododendrons in Parcel I. I agree, they do need some attention. Enjoy.
Matt L