Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tell Us What You Think: The Front Entrance

This week a new winter foliage display was installed at the entrance to the community. The project was initiated by the Landscape Committee to add seasonal color and was carried out by Princeton Landing's landscape contractor Brickman. Tell us what you think about it by clicking the Comments link below. You can click the photo in this post to see a larger image. You can see more pictures here.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine who approved or authorized the hideous landscaping “arrangement” for the front entrance. As if the pink brick pathway, which matches nothing in the entire development, didn’t look bad enough, its ugliness was compounded by planting a large number of shrubs in mid-November. This almost guarantees that they won’t survive until Spring. They are already turning brown. And how were nandina and spider plants chosen? Was that all that was left over at the nursery?

But then the crowning glory was added: the holiday motif around the entrance sign. What on earth made them choose loose evergreen boughs as a groundcover? Worse yet, why would someone stick a bunch of twigs with red berries around the edges? What were they thinking? Not only does it look like unsightly leftovers, it looks as if it were designed by someone who flunked Japanese flower arranging. And the berries look fake.

Better we pull the sticks out. All they do is highlight how bad the entrance looks. As it is, it’s difficult enough to explain to guests why it looks so awful.

Anonymous said...

RE: First "Anonymous" comments.....

I think the winter foliage is very attractive and much nicer than the typical commercial variety which usually includes plastic and other artificial components. It is a temporary display and is "green" ecologically! I also think the Fall display was terrific! I feel Brickman is doing a great job.

However, I must agree with the negative comments regarding the new paver pathway. Why didn't we simply build a concrete or blacktop walk both of which have been used throughout the community?
Why did this path have to be unique in the community? In these tight budget times I am sure it would have been much less expensive.