Saturday, January 31, 2009

FVCSA Board of Directors Meeting

The FVCSA Board held its monthly meeting on January 27 at The Smith House. The agenda included discussion of the upcoming installation of Verizon's highly rated FiOS fiber optic TV and Internet service in Princeton Landing. While the company has not yet provided detailed plans or schedules, Verizon has contacted our management office and indicated it will be bringing FiOS to the community. Anyone who is interested in an alternative to Comcast should be happy to hear that. Because I work for the company, I did not participate in the Board's consideration of this agenda item. On other matters, the Board approved the following expenditures:
  • An annual pest control contract with JRG Pest Control, at a cost for the year of $9,630;
  • The purchase from Saxon Office Supply of a reconditioned copier for the management office, at a cost of $4,795;
  • Roof repairs for 381 Sayre Drive to be performed by Signature Construction, at a cost of $3384.96; and
  • Roof repairs and skylight replacement for 290 Sayre Drive to be performed by Signature Construction, at a cost of $5,905.04.
The Board appointed Bernie Siebers and Ed Moeller to three-year terms on the Covenants Committee. Both Ed and Bernie live in Parcel 2. Dates and times for future Board meetings can be found on our calendar. The Board also approved the minutes of the meeting held on December 2, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Bernie and Ed on the Covenants Committee!

I do find it ironic, however, that they both live in Parcel 2.

The Parcel 2 home right on the corner of the main drive has,for years,flagrantly violated rules and regulations by displaying artificial foliage, garlands, decorative (not American Flag) flags!

Why has this been allowed for so long????

Paul Nolting said...

Thanks. I sent your comment to the Covenants Committee and the management office.

-- Paul

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Thank you!!

Paul Nolting said...

I understand the issue raised in the Feb 8 anonymous comment has been resolved. Thanks for commenting.