Sunday, March 8, 2009

Attention Dog Owners

Our property management team reports:

"It saddens us to have to discuss once again the issue of proper etiquette when walking dogs in Princeton Landing. Management is receiving repeated complaints about people not picking up after their pets throughout the community. In addition to the Association's Policy Resolution No. 15 regarding pet policies, there is also a Plainsboro Township local ordinance regarding cleaning up after pets, which can impose fines to violators.

Plainsboro Ordinance No. 0-06-03 states:

a. The owner or person having control of all animals shall immediately remove all feces deposited by such animal.

b. The removed feces shall be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

c. Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a fine of up to $50 for a first offense and subject to the general provisions for any subsequent offense.

We implore all residents to help us with this mission. If you witness a dog owner or dog walker not picking up after a pet, ask them nicely to do so. If you are not comfortable with this approach, please report the violator to the management office. The Association spends a good deal of your money to maintain the property. Dog owners, please pick up after your pets and avoid the embarrassment of possible covenants letters and town action."

We ask for everyone's support in keeping Princeton Landing a beautiful place to live.