Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Week at Princeton Landing

On March 10 at 7:30 pm, representatives of each parcel attended a meeting to discuss a variety of issues concerning the 2009 budget, operating expenses, and economic trends affecting the community. Several members of the Board of Directors also attended. FVCSA's Treasurer, Elliott Eisenberg, presided over the meeting and presented information about each topic on the agenda. Materials handed out for the meeting included:
  • a budget presentation highlighting major operating expenses
  • an overview of maintenance fees in arrears
  • a landscape analysis report prepared by Bruce Hellerick, senior horticulture specialist for our landscape contractor Brickman
  • a draft of the President's Message scheduled to appear in the April/May edition of our printed newsletter that discusses the 2009 operating budget
  • partial copies of a landscape survey from 2001 prepared for Princeton Landing by a professional landscape architect.
The meeting lasted about two hours. There was lively discussion with active participation by parcel representatives and members of the Board.

To make the budget presentation and the President's Message widely available throughout the community, I have posted a copy of each to Google Docs. To access the presentation, click this link. After the presentation opens use the arrows in the lower left of your screen to scroll through it. The President's Message can be accessed at this link. If you find these documents informative, please email this post to your neighbors in the community by clicking the envelope icon below this post.