Friday, May 1, 2009

Tell Us What You Think: The New Walkway

Last fall the Landscape Committee had a new path installed near the entrance to the community, connecting the Loop Road to the emergency road that leads to The Smith House. The committee selected Forever In Bloom to do the landscaping work. Now that you've had some time to use it, let us know what you think. Click the Comments link below. You can click the photo in this post to see a larger image.


Helene said...

The new path is a great idea and I'm glad it was installed. It's very unfortunate that the end of the path curves to the right. I think that folks going left at Sayre Dr at the end of the path will still cut through the grass.

jonathan Latimer said...

I agree that the path is angled in the wrong direction for most of its traffic. The pink blocks are also out of keeping with the style of Princeton Landing. Who is responsible for the poor dead Nandina that are scattered haphazardly next to the path? A number of Liriope plants were also put in, but they seem to have not only died but disappeared. How much did this bad design and bad planting cost?

Jonathan Latimer

Vince Trimarco said...

The path's design is not consistant with other sidewalks in Princeton Landing. The path leds into the street when it should have connected to the sidewalk south of it. The landscaping around the path is pitiful. This is another waste of our money that increases monthly maintenance costs.

Vincent Trimarco

Arkady Rader said...

just waste of money!