Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soggy Sunday

In today's New York Times Cara Buckley presents an entertaining piece by our favorite cartoonist, the hilarious and perspicacious Roz Chast. In it Roz talks about boredom, procrastination -- and her three pet birds, one of whom is a yellow and green parakeet named Petey. This reminded me of my Grandpop, who lived until just shy of his 103rd birthday, and his beloved parakeets -- one of whom was also yellow and green and called Petey. Click here for Roz's amusing article. And, on a more serious note, enjoy the poem, The Parakeets, by the celebrated Mexican poet, Alberto Blanco.

The Parakeets

They talk all day
and when it starts to get dark
they lower their voices
to converse with their own shadows
and with the silence.

They are like everybody
—the parakeets—
all day chatter,
and at night bad dreams.

With their gold rings
on their clever faces,
brilliant feathers
and the heart restless
with speech . . .

They are like everybody,
—the parakeets—
the ones that talk best
have separate cages.
-- Alberto Blanco
(Translated by W.S. Merwin)