Thursday, September 3, 2009

End of Summer

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. After Labor Day the Smith House pool will no longer be open on weekdays. It will remain open on the weekends of September 12–13 and September 19–20. The Parcel 1 pool will close for the season after Labor Day.

This was a busy summer at the pools. With so many residents enjoying the sun and the water, inevitably some problems arose. The management office received several complaints this year about residents not paying attention to the posted rules. This past weekend, for example, a woman swimming laps in the marked lane was hit in the head by two other people throwing a football. Earlier in the summer some residents and their visitors insisted on entering the pool without recreation badges, and would not cooperate with the lifeguards when they were denied entry. On other occasions parents did not supervise their children and also would not cooperate when the lifeguards tried to address the problem.

We should keep these incidents in perspective, but as the season ends it's worth a reminder to be courteous and neighborly. The association's rules provide for the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the pools. The lifeguards have a responsibility to enforce them for everyone's benefit.

And as September begins schools are reopening. School buses will be back in the community making stops along the Loop Road. Drivers should be careful to watch for children. Parents waiting in their cars should be careful not to block neighbors' driveways or community roads.