Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Oak Removed

We are sad to report the emergency removal of one of the very large old oak trees near The Smith House. A resident passing by on Thursday noticed that the trunk was splitting and reported the problem to management. Property manager Matt Lubas informed the Board and had Silva Guard, our tree contractor, make an emergency inspection on Friday morning. Silva Guard determined that the split was severe. The strain on the tree had even caused steel supporting cables installed years ago to snap. Bad weather expected this weekend would have put even more stress on the weakened trunk, so the big tree posed an imminent danger to nearby homes, The Smith House, and cars and pedestrians on the Loop Road. Our property managers concluded that it was a serious hazard and could not be saved. For safety reasons they recommended immediate removal.

We're very sorry to see the old oak go, but a neighbor's sharp eye and quick action by Matt Lubas and Sal Pirrera may have prevented serious damage or injury.