Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Greetings From The Grants

The following message is in reply to our "Season's Greetings" post yesterday. It's from Dave Grant, former FVCSA Board President and tennis pro, and his lovely wife Suzanne. The Grants moved to South Carolina from Princeton Landing this past summer. They asked us to share their holiday greetings with their friends in the community.

Wow! What a wonderful message. Sure is nice to have a President and wife who understand the value of the Internet and who add such value to the community. The site is magnificent and very informative.

We are deeply touched by the message/thought and fondly remember so many great friends and neighbors. Am sure glad you got the picture before Saturday, as we saw on the Weather Channel that my beloved tennis courts must be loaded. Please send our best wishes to all the fine people in the community and tell them we are well and enjoying the South and if they are fixin' to travel to the western part of SC, they are most welcome.

Happy New Year to all,
Dave and Suzanne