Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ilya the Manatee Home for the Holidays

Photo courtesy Miami Seaquarium
Ilya (left) and his friend Glade

Ilya the manatee, who was stranded in New Jersey waters and dramatically rescued in late October, was released back into the wild this morning. Ilya's release follows six weeks of intense rehabilitation at the Miami Seaquarium, where doctors were watching the sea cow's weight and checking his blood. Once doctors deemed it safe, the 1,110-pound Ilya was loaded into a crate for the transfer and released into Biscayne Bay.

Ilya has been outfitted with tracking devices so scientists can keep an eye on him. Ilya has also been added to Save the Manatee Club's Adopt-A-Manatee program. You can adopt Ilya online here.

We've been following this story and are happy that Ilya is back safely in southeast Florida waters where he belongs. We hope he enjoys being home for Christmas.