Monday, March 15, 2010

More Storm Damage

The damage done by this winter's storms shows the need to cull and prune overgrown and aging trees in Princeton Landing. This weekend in particular we lost many trees to high winds and rain, causing much damage and expense. An overgrown landscape not only looks bad but is dangerous and costly too.

Thank you to Signature property manager Sal Pirrera for his immediate response to the storm.


Anonymous said...

Since we had the power outage on Saturday evening, we decided to go out for dinner in Princeton. On the way back, Harrison was completely backed up, so we decided to return using side streets with the help of the gps system. What should have taken 10 minutes, ended up taking an hour.

We encountered downed trees blocking every street we took. When the trees blocked the roads, we had to double back and try another side street. We had to re-route about 10 times - in the rain and in complete darknes (nobody in Princeton had power.)

We were pretty lucky at Princeton Landing!

Karen Stray Nolting said...

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

oh thats terrible! thank goodness the people inside that house were safe. If the tree was just a single foot closer if could have caused some severe damage!