Monday, June 7, 2010

A Few Words About Our Brickman Crew

When I began to write this post late Friday afternoon, the AccuWeather gadget in the right-hand column of the blog said it felt like 93°. Having just been out to the store myself, I thought, once again, AccuWeather must have been getting their data from a cooler place around Princeton than Princeton Landing.

After putting away groceries, I glanced out the window and saw four men from our Brickman crew walking up the Loop Road toward their base of operations near the tennis courts. For a moment I thought I might be projecting, but they looked like they were dragging. I tried to imagine what those Brickman uniforms with the long sleeves must feel like in this heat. How hot are they under those tan caps?

It's important for us to remember that, in spite of the outcries about maintenance fees and the cost of our landscape contract, the men from Brickman are working hard for us in this beastly heat. So whether we think the property looks great, could look better, or gets too much attention, we can appreciate the men who are doing the work to make our community a beautiful place to live. Be kind. Say thanks.