Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Annual Meeting

Outgoing Board President Paul Nolting with resident Claire McNew

The Princeton Landing annual meeting was held last evening at The Smith House. Election results for the 2011 FVCSA Board of Directors were announced by Bernie Siebers, chairman of the election committee. The candidates received the following number of votes:

Mari Molenaar 486
Phil Blocker 467
Rich Ciarciello 458
Mike Barnett 381
Bill Hart 348

Mari Molenaar and Rich Ciarciello were re-elected to two-year terms. Phil Blocker and Mike Barnett were elected for the first time, also to two-year terms.

Bernie Siebers and Joe Shambe, two long-time leaders in the community, praised outgoing Board President Paul Nolting for his many years of service to the community, especially his last two as President of the Board.