Thursday, April 7, 2011

Runaway Train: Architectural Guidelines

Princeton Landing is fast becoming a place where function trumps form and where a lack of understanding of our governing documents reigns. The latest infraction to the bylaws is a new sign designating the common area between Parcels 11 and 12 as pesticide-free.

Policy Resolution No. 22 sets the architectural review procedures and guidelines for our community. It states that "Judgments of acceptable design are to be based on . . . Design Compatibility. . . Compatibility is defined as similarity in: architectural style, quality of workmanship, use of material, color, and construction details." The architectural style of the new sign is more compatible with colonial-style architecture than with the contemporary design of the community. The color of the sign is white with burgundy lettering—clearly not in keeping with our guidelines for color. Have we just added two new colors to our palette?

While we're on the subject of signs, the sign at The Smith House languished for a long time with only one finial.

Now that we've added the new white sign with finials, the remaining finial on the Smith House sign was replaced with yet another incompatible architectural detail.

To add to all of this, one might question why the Smith House sign—which is badly cracked (click on the photo below)—was not replaced or properly refurbished before we spent Association money on a new sign that is not in keeping with our architectural guidelines.

In fact, one might question the addition of a sign to the common area at all since Section N of PR 22 states, "No signs of any type are permitted on the homes, lots, or common areas at Forrestal Village (Princeton Landing)."

The Association is responsible for maintaining the architectural integrity of Princeton Landing. Signs that add visual clutter and are not consistent with the overall look of Princeton Landing don't enhance the appearance of our community.


Davis said...

i agree! that "pesticide free" sign is hideous and completely unnecessary. what a waste of our dues money!