Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weeds Plaguing Our Landscape

Over the last few days you may have noticed our landscape contractor Brickman applying herbicide in Princeton Landing. This application is an additional treatment in response to an upsurge in residents' complaints about the spread of weeds in our landscape. Spurge, clover, dandelion, nutsedge and crabgrass have begun to appear everywhere in our turf.

Our present situation is largely the result of bad policies promoted by the people who were responsible for the Princeton Landing landscape over the last few years, the former landscape committee chairwoman and the former Board liaison to the Landscape Committee. They limited the use of herbicide on our lawns, which allowed weeds to become thoroughly established and deeply rooted. This turned the usual process of weed control into a much more difficult and complex process of eradication. It will take years of effort to undo the results of their poor judgment.

Our berms and other exposed beds are also suffering from the spread of many weeds and a profusion of suckers or sprouts from trees, especially oaks. This is also the result of a policy endorsed by the same people—the decision to apply mulch every other year rather than every year. Mulching would have controlled this growth and would have made the community look cleaner, rmore attractive and better cared for.

Our landscape is one of Princeton Landing's most precious assets. The recent herbicide application is only the beginning of a process that is likely to be very labor intensive and expensive. The first step we can all take is to be aware of how these problems originated and make certain that better decisions are made in the future.

Here are some of the weeds we found this week in Princeton Landing.