Saturday, September 10, 2011

40 Souls of Flight 93 Honored

Today the 40 passengers and crew on United Airlines Flight 93 who fought back against their hijackers on September 11, 2001, were honored for their heroism at a ceremony in Shanksville, PA. The ceremony dedicated the first phase of a National Memorial at our nation's newest national park in Stoneycreek Township. The ceremony had special meaning for us because a friend lost her mother and aunt. Both were aboard Flight 93.

As lovers of poetry we were moved by former U.S. poet laureate Robert Pinsky, who was called to read a selection of poetry and the names of the 40 men and women on the flight, accompanied by the tolling of bells. The first poem Mr. Pinsky spoke of is an epigram by British poet Walter Savage Landor:

On love, on grief, on every human thing,
Time sprinkles Lethe's water with his wing.

The other two poems Mr. Pinsky read are "Souvenir of the Ancient World" by the Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, found here, and "Incantation" by the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz, found here.