Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monumental Mess 4

In three previous posts we reported on the embarrassing condition of the stone monument markers throughout Princeton Landing. Several monuments were damaged by snowplows last winter but had not yet been repaired when we photographed them in July. Spring and summer, the two seasons that offer the best opportunity to repair winter damage, are now gone. Fall is passing quickly and another winter will soon be here—but the monuments have still not been fixed.

These monuments are an important visual element in our landscape. They are located at the entrance to every parcel and are one of the first things a visitor notices. One wonders what impression our damaged monuments make on potential buyers when they come into the community for open houses and showings.

Here is an example. It shows how one of the monuments, located on the Loop Road in Parcel 2, looked in July. Click the photo to enlarge. Click here to see a slideshow of some of the other damaged monuments in the community.

Soon after our first article appeared, a new number sign replaced the one on the Parcel 2 monument. However, as shown here, the color of the new sign was completely different from any other sign on the Loop Road. Also, apparently no attempt was made to repair the monument—or others, for that matter. Click here for more photos of the Parcel 2 monument. Click here for photos of the monuments in Parcel 1 that a resident brought to our attention after our first story.

Now yet another new sign has appeared on the monument— this time with a color that is closer to the original. But this one is also a mismatch. It is larger and has a different sized border than the original style and its scale is too big for the size of the monument.

Is anyone paying attention to these details that are so integral to the look and feel of Princeton Landing? For a community that considers itself "upscale," these monuments have a decidedly downmarket look.


Gourmet Specialties said...

BRAVO to you for this post. Does anyone in the Smithhouse or on the board get a copy of this post so that they know what the problem is? There must be more attention paid to detail!!!
Each pillar should be restored before we slap a sign on.
This is like a bandaid instead of a repair.