Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye for Now, Downton Abbey

How much fun was Episode 7! Despite contrived plots and odd pacing in Season 2, the finale didn't disappoint. It opened on Christmas 1919 at Downton with the family giving gifts to the servants and Isobel presenting Violet with a nutcracker. We learned that Sybil was married to Branson in Ireland with her sisters in attendance but not her parents; later she would send word she was pregnant with what Cora called "a Fenian grandchild."

Bates was found guilty at trial, but his sentence was later commuted from hanging to life in prison. Not only did Anna stay strong for her husband, but she saved Lady Rosamund from a fortune-hunting suitor and her scheming maid. Interestingly, a Ouija board became the newest character downstairs. In addition to a Shooting Party, there was a Servants' Ball, just before which Matthew croaked an amusing little "Crikey!" when he learned he was to dance with O'Brien.

Mary told Matthew about Mr. Pamuk and broke off with Sir Richard. (Cora told Robert about Pamuk as well.) In a poignant scene, William's father asked Daisy to let him look after her as a father. (In a previous touching scene, Violet tried to help Daisy see her feelings for William.) And on a picture-perfect snowy night, Matthew proposed to Mary. And so our long wait for Season 3 begins . . . .