Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Question of the Week

Longtime residents recall a time when things like this were unheard of, but since 2010 there have been several incidents of vandalism in Princeton Landing. Just this week there were two more, one of them especially disturbing.

On Monday morning outside the Parcel 1 swimming pool and tot lot, there was chalk graffiti that included racial slurs and obscene "drawings." This "artwork" was in plain sight until residents alerted the management office to have it removed. We took some photos, but after reviewing them we thought they were too graphic—and, frankly, too shameful—to post.

An abnormal amount of trash has also been left around the community. And if litter like cups, straws and candy wrappers isn't bad enough, on Tuesday there was a broken beer bottle on top of one of the Loop Road monuments.

Princeton Landing parents, do you know what your kids are up to?


Anonymous said...

Have we given up on mentioning the dog poop that seems omnipresent nowadays on our paths and lawns?

Seems like it's getting worse compared to prior years.

jplatimer said...

Hello “Anonymous,”

We posted a commentary on the dog problem this spring (“Your Neighbor’s Lawn Is Not a Dog Park”), but no one bothered to support it. I agree that dogs are a growing nuisance and will welcome any ideas about what to do.

Jon Latimer