Saturday, September 8, 2012

Princeton Landing Newsletter

Yesterday Princeton Landing management sent an email to residents saying the September issue of the community's official newsletter was online and telling them to "Read all about it!" However, there was no link to the newsletter in the email.

About two hours later management sent the same email to residents. This time the message included the link "Newsletter 2012–09." Clicking the link didn't take you to the September newsletter. In fact, we couldn't find it on the website.

Princeton Landing residents have been visiting this blog looking for the latest issue of the community's newsletter. Princeton Landing News is not published by FVCSA and the newsletter is only available behind the log in on the official website.


Helene said...

I sent e-mail to Pattie twice yesterday. The first time to say it would be nice to have a link to the September newsletter (since I couldn't find it under "Newsletter") and the second e-mail to let her know I still wasn't finding it even with the link. I can't figure out where they have hidden it. No response back from her yet.

Karen Stray Nolting said...

Thanks for the info, Helene. As my post said, we couldn't find it either.