Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prowler Reported in Princeton Landing is reporting that a Princeton Landing resident woke up to find a prowler trying to break into his home at about 4:15 am on Monday, September 24. According to the story, the suspect had cut a bedroom window screen and tried to slide open the sill. The suspect fled when the resident awoke. says that police talked to neighbors on Sayre Drive who said they had seen the suspect in the area as well. You can read the story here. You can also read the Plainsboro Police Report on WWPToday here.

Of course, if you see anyone suspicious in the community—especially late at night— call 911 immediately.

(UPDATE on September 27 here.)


Helene said...

I'm in Parcel 1 and I woke up when the Police swept their flashlight past my bedroom window about 4:30 am. I watched them going around the common area during their search. They strolled by again about 5:00 am. This was just not a nice way to wake up!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely scary. Do you know what measures the management is taking to address this string of events?

Karen Stray Nolting said...

As far as we know, the Association has not yet provided any information or made any comment to residents about this incident. We did, however, receive another email about bagels, coffee and "yogurt + fresh cut fruit" this morning.