Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FVCSA Election: We've Got Questions (#2)

It's election time in Princeton Landing and some members of the Board will be running again. You may remember that one of the promises these same candidates made in previous elections was that there would be more "transparency" and better communication about Association business. Residents were going to be better informed than they had been in the past. This "transparency" has turned out to be more opaque than expected, raising questions we'd like to ask the candidates. Here's the second one.

Why is our Association doing such a poor job of keeping residents informed about the community's current financial situation? Despite promises of "transparency," the only financial information currently available on the "official" Princeton Landing website is a report from our auditors for last year. There is nothing for the current year—no 2012 budgets or projections, and nothing showing actual spending so far compared to what was planned.

It has been some time since an annual budget was mailed to all residents. FVCSA operating budgets have not been published recently in the Association's newsletter. Homeowners who want financial information about their own parcel must visit the management office after making an appointment in advance. There is no forum for residents to comment in writing on how their money is being spent. 

The current approach may meet requirements for the minimum that must be done, but it hardly qualifies as open governance. So what happened to the promise of "transparency" and better communication?