Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Once again an original design detail in Princeton Landing has been lost. The wooden lamppost we reported on here and here, damaged in Superstorm Sandy, has been replaced by an unattractive tall black metal post (One would hope this alteration is a temporary—not a permanent—solution, but this is unclear as nothing about it has been reported to the residents by the Board or the management company.)

The integrity of the original design—where the lamppost and gazebo matched, creating a cohesive architectural unit—has been compromised. This is yet another change to the community's original design plan, adding to the recent addition of random signs (removed after our post), different color signs (changed after our post), and incompatible finials (changed to incompatible ones after our post about the missing original).

If FVCSA isn't going to employ a qualified design professional to advise on such changes, then it should stick to the original. These new, incompatible design details don't maintain the architectural integrity of the property, are not consistent with the overall look of Princeton Landing and don't enhance the appearance of the community.