Monday, December 3, 2012

"We Get Things Done"? (#3)

Our Question of the Week back on June 8 asked, "When will the wood trim in the Parcel 1 condos be repaired and painted?" Some of the wood has been replaced—though not painted—but much of it is still rotted or missing.

With two full-time handymen on the Association's payroll, it's hard to understand why these things take so long to fix.


Anonymous said...

I rent in the condos and quite honestly I'm embarrassed to invite people over because everything looks so shoddy...mainly the awful trim and the grounds. At my building's entrance all there is is dirt where, in my opinion, there should be at least some annuals planted, or at the very least mulch. It all looks very sad.

Anonymous said...

You're NOT ALONE in being embarrassed by the poor conditions and bad (non-existent) response to requests to improve it!