Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maggie Smith Wins Golden Globe for Downton

While PBS replayed Episode 1 of Downton Abbey on Sunday evening, the Golden Globes aired and Maggie Smith won for best supporting actress in a TV series, miniseries or movie. Brava! And although Dame Maggie was not present to accept her award, Michelle Dockery was in attendance, nominated for best actress in a TV series drama. Season 2 of Downton Abbey was also nominated for best TV drama.

Then Episode 2 premiered and it seemed like the Crawleys might lose Downton. The family paid a visit to another one of their properties, as a possible future home.

Robert: The house is pretty and we might make something of it. We could always rename it 'Downton Place.'

Isobel: Is it nice?
Violet: Nice enough. As a retreat from the world. I wouldn't have thought it suited to much else.
Cora: Downton Place. How lovely.
Mary: Won't it be a bit cramped?
Tom: You do realize that for most people it looks like a fairy palace.
Sybil: You'll be able to run it with a much smaller staff.
Robert: If this is it, I doubt we'll need more than eight servants tops. So it will be very economical.

And another wedding so soon—this time Lady Edith to Sir Anthony Strallan.

Edith: Something happening in this house is actually about me.

But the marriage was not meant to be.

Violet: No. Let him go. Let him go. You know he's right. Don't stop him doing the only sensible thing he's come up with in months. No, no, it's over, my dear. Don't drag it out. Wish him well and let him go.

In the end Matthew did save Downton with his inheritance from Reggie Swire. Mrs. Hughes got word about her health, "a benign something or other," according to Mrs. Patmore. And hearing the good news about Mrs. Hughes made Mr. Carson sing with joy as he polished the silver.

Photos 2–8: Carnival Film & Television for Masterpiece/ITV