Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Question of the Week

Why can't we be kept informed about major utility work going on in the community?

Whenever someone in Princeton Landing is about to eat a bagel or hit a ping pong ball, the management company sends out an email to homeowners. But when utility markouts appear all over the community, we're told nothing. Didn't our property managers notice all the colored flags and spray paint?

Today work crews and heavy equipment from a utility contractor appeared on the property. By afternoon, the cable lines in the community had been cut, leaving residents without TV, Internet and—for those lucky Comcast Triple Play customers—phones. With no information given, homeowners could only meet in the street and try to figure out what was going on. By evening, service was restored—as far as we could tell.

As we've said here before, at a time when communication is easier than ever, our management company and current Board cannot seem to keep residents informed—and we're not talking about bagel breakfasts, movie nights and tea parties. Knowing about the work wouldn't have kept the contractor from cutting the lines, but at least we would have been prepared for the possibility.