Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Landscape Surprise

Today, without any advance notice to the homeowners on either side of this bed, Brickman cut down a large flowering tree. The tree has been sick for years, so the issue here is not that the landscape company dealt with this tree. The point is that the homeowners received no prior warning and there's no word either on replacement.

Emailing, phoning, ringing the doorbell—these are all courteous possible options in the real world, but not in Princeton Landing. We do get lots of emails, however. We get emails about things much less important than how your home—your investment—might look after an unannounced visit by the landscape crew.


Anonymous said...

At least some places HAVE (had) trees! The area around the condos is increasingly denuded of growth, STILL not restored after the hurricane (6 months ago now), and increasingly neglected, especially in the courtyard areas in the back, "featuring" uneven areas where trees once stood, gaping bare spots where grass should be (before summer!), and even broken glass where children and pets can easily be injured!