Saturday, August 17, 2013

Haste Lays Waste

Yesterday morning many of us heard the noise of large mowers racing over our lawns. On July 16 we were told by Management that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are mowing days, so this burst of activity on a Friday was unexpected. Even more surprising was the speed with which the work took place. The mowers were sprinting across the turf, the men with the edgers were practically running with their tools, and the blower team went through the property at a record clip. It looked like an attempt to compress three days of work into one and mow the whole community in a single day. But speed is not always an asset, especially in getting a job done well.

Now it's likely that the Association will blame the weather for this compressed schedule. It rained very heavily on Tuesday morning. But it was certainly dry enough to mow on Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. So why not spread the mowing over those days? Why try to do it all at once? Why do a job in so much haste that it can't be done right? The Landscape Committee and Management need to consider these questions. We need better planning, more advance notice to residents and more careful execution if we are ever going to get the Princeton Landing landscape back into decent shape.


Anonymous said...

The seem to like firing up the motors at about 8:15 AM too!

Philip Rhodes said...

Actually, my lawn is usually cut on Fridays.

I suspect that when Brixkman falls behind with us they also fall behind with other communities and perhaps we get pushed to the back of the line.

In mid-July my cul-de-sac was skipped on two Fridays and was finally cut 1+ weeks later.