Monday, August 5, 2013

What Are We Paying For? (#2)

Last Wednesday, July 31, a Princeton Landing resident left a comment on our post "We Get Things Done?" (#3). This resident, who lives in Parcel 1, spoke of being "embarrassed to invite people over because everything looks so shoddy . . . mainly the awful trim and the grounds."

This disturbing comment caused us to revisit our two posts about the wood trim in the Parcel 1 condos. The first piece, a Question of the Week, dates back to June 8, 2012—over a year ago. It showed photos of just some of the rotted wood trim and asked the question, "When will the wood trim in the Parcel 1 condos be repaired and painted?"

We revisited that post about six months later on December 3, 2012, asking again, "When will the wood trim in the Parcel 1 condos be repaired and painted? Some of the trim has been replaced—though not painted—but much of it is still rotted or missing."

We shot the photos below a few days ago. As you can see, the trim is in the same state. Much of it is still rotted or missing around the windows and has not been replaced. The trim that was replaced still has not been repainted.

There are 120 units in Parcel 1. If each unit pays a maintenance fee averaging $300 a month, that would be over $400,000 a year to the Association from residents in Parcel 1. Again, we must ask, "What Are We Paying For?"


Anonymous said...

Check out the condition of the grass and yard area around Parcel 1 too! (Parched, bare, and unkempt--while the entrance to the complex is green and nicely-cut and watered!)

Don't miss the damaged signs or leaning, rusty mailboxes either!

Or the often-overflowing dumpsters and recycling bins! (Generally with large trash objects strewn next to them too! Often slipped in by "neighbors" from "high-rent" houses across the road too.)

Then take a look INSIDE at the stairways and common areas! Walls gouged and patched, doors banged up, and carpets stained!

No paint for OVER 10 years!

Meanwhile money is spent on Polka Night and Karaoke Sing-Along at Smith House!