Thursday, September 5, 2013

Question of the Week: Blue Tarps

Two homes in the community have blue tarps covering the skylights on their roofs. The tarps, which are plainly visible from the Loop Road, have been up for quite some time. What's up with this makeshift repair? If there's a roof leak or if a skylight needs to be replaced, why is it taking so long? Instead of a timely fix, must months pass before "We get things done"?

How does this affect the rest of us who do not have tarps? Well, think how potential buyers might feel about Princeton Landing when they see things like this. Do the tarps indicate that other roofs are likely to develop leaks? Do they suggest a lack of concern or care for the way the community is being maintained? Is that not likely to lower our property values? And consider this: Would you want to live in a community that doesn't promptly repair its own leaky roofs?