Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Princeton Landing's Snowy Mess

Even the Longford Landscapes snow plow operator who made this mess admitted it looks terrible. He had just plowed the snow out of Parcel 4 and driven it up onto a berm in Parcel 6. Large piles that include snowy dog urine from the street were plowed up high into the tree branches.

With open common areas so close by, this really wasn't necessary. And our previous snow removal contractor of over 25 years, Shearer Penn/SavATree, didn't do this. Some of us know because we've been here long enough to remember. This isn't the quality of service we once had. What is happening in Princeton Landing?

The photos below were taken at berms next to homes in Parcels 6, 7 and 12. And we wonder how our landscape gets damaged. 


Anonymous said...

Looks awful! Didn't management ask residents to report bad snow removal, like this, in their message? Hope they'll take notice of this...

jplatimer said...

After the relatively small snowfall we had this week, it is difficult to understand why PL looks so messy. In previous years our old snowplowing service, Shearer Penn, cleaned up the property and made it look presentable. This year the work of the new company was both incomplete and sloppy.

That the job was incomplete is shown by the fact that they haven’t even attempted to finish clearing the parking spaces throughout the property, especially in parcels 1 and 2. In addition, I had to clear off the area around our mailbox just to get my mail. And because the company applied salt so late in the day, getting to and from the mailboxes was a slippery and dangerous task.

That the job was sloppy is shown by the piles of snow along the Loop Road. Our previous service made sure to pile snow out of the way, e.g. along the emergency road near The Smith House or by the tennis courts. This company left huge piles of dirty snow leaning against berms or in conspicuous spots like the front entrance. This is in part due to the fact they are using industrial-size equipment. That may seem more efficient, but their equipment is inappropriate for a community like PL.

The new snowplowing company may be cheaper, but as always, we get what we pay for: incomplete service, sloppy work, and a community that looks shoddy and substandard. Even DOT did a better job along the road between our entrance and Route 1!