Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow Removal Wrecks Parcel 7 Berm

You have to be saddened by what was done this winter to this berm, which fronts on the Loop Road in Parcel 7. Our snow removal contractor piled so much snow onto it that they killed the understory of viburnum, broke branches off the pine trees and scarred the trunks, and dug ragged holes in the berm itself, uprooting the grasses. Yes, we had a bad winter, but we've had bad storms before and our community never suffered so much unnecessary destruction.

Many of us with an interest in Princeton Landing's landscape remember that the previous owner of the home adjacent to this berm took care of it lovingly for years. She and her husband built the home and were founding residents of the community. She sought to maintain the high standards for which Princeton Landing's landscape was once known. It is sad to see the results of her work destroyed.

Here's what it used to look like.