Friday, July 4, 2014

Bear Alert!

UPDATE: An email around noon from the property manager says that the police report  "the bears" (more than one) were spotted in the rear of 440 Sayre Drive (see Parcel Map) and may have wandered down to Lake Carnegie since then. Management also states that police would use a bullhorn from their vehicles to advise residents to stay indoors if the bears are close to homes or walking areas. Use caution if you go outside. Management suggests bringing trash cans inside and not leaving trash bags, food or bird seed outdoors. Dog owners should pick up pet waste, which can also attract wildlife. (But of course dog owners should be doing that in any case.)

The Plainsboro Township Police Department issued a text message alert at about 10 am reporting several sightings of "a very large bear" in the Sayre Drive area. Our property manager has also informed residents by email of the sightings. Management's message says the bear was seen in the vicinity of 414 Sayre Drive and that police are investigating. Residents were advised to stay inside their homes and to keep children and pets indoors.


Anonymous said...

"Our property manager has also informed residents by email of the sightings"?

NO such message received...what else is new?

Karen Stray Nolting said...

We'd be happy to forward your comment to management, but you posted anonymously.