Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Back

Remember to move your clocks back one hour tonight. Daylight saving time ends at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 1.

Garden Under Lightning

by Leonora Speyer


Out of the storm that muffles shining night
Flash roses ghastly-sweet,
And lilies far too pale.
There is a pang of livid light,
A terror of familiarity,
I see a dripping swirl of leaves and petals
That I once tended happily,
Borders of flattened, frightened little things,
And writhing paths I surely walked in that other life—

My specter-garden beckons to me,
Gibbers horribly—
And vanishes!

                                        Photo: Denby Jorgensen

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Update: "Community Safety" — You Figure It Out

This afternoon Parcel 6 residents received an email from our neighbor Lennie Libes on behalf of the Parcel 6 Committee. The email, "Parcel 6 Update," gave more information about the "nefarious acts committed in parcel 6 this weekend" reported yesterday by the management company:

"A home invasion occurred in our Parcel within the past few days. The glass in the sliding door of the master bedroom was smashed - allowing entry into the house.

"Plainsboro Police are handling the matter."

We're grateful to Lennie for sending this message.

Click here for Home Security Tips from the Plainsboro Police Department.

Monday, October 19, 2015

"Community Safety" — You Figure It Out

Early this evening the following email with the subject line "Community Safety" was sent to residents from the management office on behalf of the Board of Directors at Princeton Landing:

"It has been brought to management's attention that there were nefarious acts committed in parcel 6 this weekend.

"We do not have all of the details. We would ask all residents to keep watch in the community.

"Please remember to report suspicious people or vehicles to the police. Do not attempt to questions [sic] anyone, or approach them for any reason. Your safety is always the main concern."

No further explanation was provided. It is difficult to take precautions when you don't know what you're taking precautions against.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

KGA Annual Fall Foliage Walk

Kingston Greenways Association will host its annual fall foliage walk on Saturday, October 17, 2015, at 2 pm. This year's walk will be an informal one along the new trail through the Cook Natural Area. On Trails Day in June, volunteers bushwhacked a new pathway through two wooded sections and along field borders in Cook to create a pleasant walk with sweeping views of hillside, fields and forest.

The walk will be a leisurely one, and on mostly level ground. Limited parking is available at the Cook Natural Area, located at the junction of Ridge and Heathcote Roads.  Carpooling is encouraged. For more information, please visit the KGA website or call 609-750-1821.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Nature Guide: Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Seeing something new when you're out for a walk in nature makes the time seem even more rewarding. Yesterday we came upon a flock of small birds that neither of us had seen before, though Jon was fairly certain it was some kind of flycatcher. So I got a couple of quick shots of these fast-moving little birds, and it was back to the field guides for our Nature Guide Jon Latimer. Here's his report.

"The behavior of this small bird (perhaps 5 inches long) made it immediately clear that it was a flycatcher. They generally station themselves on a branch and fly out to catch insects flying by. This one was part of a group of at least a half dozen that must be migrating south for the winter and had stopped at Mountain Lakes Preserve for a quick meal. Identifying its species is a more difficult challenge.

"This flycatcher is part of a genus of five very similar species in eastern North America known as Empidonax flycatchers. They are notoriously difficult to tell apart. They all have olive upper parts and pale throats and bellies, with whitish eye-rings and wing bars. Even expert birders often rely on voice, behavior, habitat or range to make an identification. We think this is a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, but we are eager to hear from anyone with a different opinion."