Friday, July 29, 2016

FirstService Residential Dropped the Ball

UPDATE: It is now over 6 months since this damaged monument sign was reported to our management company FirstService Residential. The damage was done by our snow removal contractor BrightView (formerly Brickman) during a winter storm. BrightView had piled snow over the entire monument making it impossible for emergency vehicles to see the addresses for homes in Parcel 6. When the hidden monument was reported to management, a worker from BrightView was sent to uncover the sign. When the sign was uncovered, the damage was revealed. It was immediately reported to management. 

BrightView is responsible for any damage they cause to the property during snow removal. FirstService Residential is responsible for seeing that BrightView repairs the damage.

The house number sign on this monument was damaged by our snow removal contractor this past winter. The damage was reported to our management company, FirstService Residential, over 5 months ago. The number sign has not been replaced yet. These damaged markers are very visible on the Loop Road and contribute to a shabby image for Princeton Landing.

Why is it that snow damage can't be repaired by the July 4th weekend?