Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Update: Lily Is Still Missing

Lily, the white Lilac Point Siamese, is still missing. Lily's owner is not giving up hope and is offering a reward with no questions asked if someone may have taken this beautiful cat into their home. If anyone has any information about Lily, please contact Olga at 609-514-0377.

A neighbor in Parcel 3 is still searching for her lost cat Lily. Lily is a white Lilac Point Siamese that went missing on August 18. Lily's owner is heartbroken. Lily's litter mate Luke is depressed and does not want to eat.

Our neighbor asks everyone to check the area around their homes, including their garages and basements. If you see Lily, please call the owner right away at 609-514-0377. A reward is offered with no questions asked.

We know how much Princeton Landing residents love their pets. Please help find Lily.