Monday, December 12, 2016

FirstService Residential Dropped the Ball—Again

Early this morning without any notice or warning from management, a construction project began on my home. Six trucks, 10 or 12 workers, ladders, scaffolding and other equipment suddenly appeared. Soon there was chaos on my roof—pounding hammers, removing of nails, stomping footsteps. After searching for the foreman, I was told they are replacing the wood trim on all 24 townhouses in Parcel 1, a job that will take about a week and a half. He added that I might want to move my car to a safer location and watch out for falling lumber when I enter and exit my home.

It is difficult enough to wake up and discover your front yard has been turned into a construction zone, but it is even more inexcusable that our management company, FirstService Residential, did not notify homeowners in advance of the project. We are constantly reminded of bagel breakfasts, "holiday" celebrations, etc., but there was no notification about this major construction on our homes. Isn't management supposed to serve residents? Who is responsible for carrying out the simple courtesy of letting us know what is happening to our homes?


Anonymous said...

They are the worst. I had three lamppost light out in Parcel One recently and they asked me to get the numbers off of the them instead of coming out to get them themselves. Lazy and overpaid!

Anonymous said...

Today I woke up to the same issue with the roof work. 7am and there are multiple men walking on the roof, scraping, pounding and yelling...all with no prior notification. When you call management out on it, they ignore you. We pay their salaries and deserve common courtesy and respect.

V. Chernev said...

Ok I think is time for somebody to question the menagment and request information on Parcel one ongoing problems for 20 years.
How can we all get together and demand answers?
We pay what we have to pay, we get Nothing
We live in miserable conditions .
Just stop by Parcel 1 and you will see
And yes I will not be anonymous I am proud to stand and voice what is not right!
Nevena Chernev