Sunday, February 26, 2017

Repair the Snow Removal Damage!

In most places this weekend, the snow from over two weeks ago was melted. But it wasn't completely melted at the Parcel 6 corner and berm. There was still a filthy pile of snow sitting on the berm. Around it lay broken branches, sticks, leaves, gravel and even someone's undelivered newspaper. The landscape is in a shameful state and should be an embarrassment to our management company FirstService Residential and to our snow removal contractor BrightView. The landscape division of BrightView tried to blow leaves during the week in this area of the Loop Road but was either unable to clean up this mess because of the remaining snow or just didn't try. We understand that the snow has just melted, but the snow should never have been dumped like this. It has damaged the shrubs, the understory and the berm itself. We wonder where the supervision is here and who is responsible to the community for this mess. This eyesore needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. 
(click photos to enlarge)