Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Poor Snow Removal

Another snowstorm, another poorly executed and supervised snow removal—and it's still in progress. As of this afternoon, some driveways had not yet been plowed and even those that had been were nearly inaccessible. The crews plowing the road left snow blocking the driveways. Homeowners had the choice to stay put, dig themselves out or risk trying to drive over big mounds of snow and ice.

Our snow removal contractor BrightView continues to block—and in some cases completely bury—the house number monuments at the entrances to the parcels. In an emergency, these markers guide police, fire or ambulances to homes in need of assistance. A few years ago just after a snowstorm, a seriously ill homeowner in Parcel 6 needed an ambulance. EMS workers could not find the house because the monument was covered in snow. Apparently we haven't learned anything from that experience. After this storm BrightView completely buried the monuments at both of the entrances to Parcel 6. Other markers in the community were also covered. Here are some examples. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Parcel 6 corner — There's an address monument hidden under this huge snow pile.

The other entrance to Parcel 6.

Parcel 7 corner — There's an address monument hidden under this huge snow pile too.

Parcel 12 corner

Parcel 1 corner

We are not talking about an inability to shovel neatly here. We are talking about potential disasters. There are good reasons the corners with monuments need to be clear of snow. And yet BrightView continues to plow them over. Instead of providing proper supervision to the contractor, our management company FirstService Residential continues to make excuses.

With maintenance and association insurance fees that cost some residents over $500 a month, is it too much to ask that we have competent contractors who are properly supervised by our management company?