Saturday, August 26, 2017

Other Homeowners Ask for Information

My opinion piece about the Parcel 1 "Litigation Fee" and remediation work, below, was originally posted more than a month ago. Over the last month, people have expressed concern about the Board's and the management company's lack of transparency and communication with homeowners, some commenting on the post. Still no word from the Board of Directors. It's also worth noting that two members of the Board, Bill Hart and Mary Ryan, live in Parcel 1.

This problem is costing homeowners throughout the community money and limiting their ability to sell or refinance their property. This is a serious issue and requires the Board's immediate response. Parcel 1 homeowners need answers.


Anonymous said...

Have there been updates on the litigation? I cant be the only concerned about this! Does no one else care? And more specifically does management/board not care?