Sunday, September 10, 2017

Still No Information

Yesterday a longtime resident of Parcel 1 posted a comment about the questions we've raised regarding the Parcel 1 litigation. She is concerned about the lack of information on its current status. Here's what she said:

OK, I think it is time for somebody to question the management and request information on Parcel One's ongoing problems for 20 years.
How can we all get together and demand answers?
We pay what we have to pay, we get Nothing.
We live in miserable conditions.
Just stop by Parcel 1 and you will see.
And yes I will not be anonymous. I am proud to stand and voice what is not right!
Nevena Chernev

It is inexcusable and frustrating that the Princeton Landing Board of Directors and FirstService Residential have failed to keep everyone informed about this. They should make a thorough report to the community about what is going on.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Please use the following instructions to find the documents that pertain to the Parcel 1 litigation:

Sign on to the community portal.
Select switch account. select the unit address that is indicated next to your Parcel name: Parcel 1, and switch to this account.
This will take you to your Parcel page.
Select Forms and Documents
Select Association Documents.
All the documents categorized as Legal pertain to the litigation.

After doing this myself i found the following statement:

"On March 16, 2016 a Judgment by the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division, Civil Part, Middlesex County Docket No. MID-L-5108-13 before Honorable Joseph L. Rea, J.S.C. found that Bell Roofing, Stucco Systems, Inc., and K.J. Stucco were liable for damages due to work performed at Forrestal Village for the amount of $9,763,493.42. K.J. Stucco was found to be responsible in the amount of $1,943,593.62. Bell Roofing’s (Stucco Systems was a sub-contractor to Bell Roofing) responsibility was the balance, or $7,819,899.80 for direct and consequential damages."