Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Kingston Fire Co Donates Truck to Puerto Rico

On Friday, April 19, 2019, Agostino Racanati of the Kingston Volunteer Company (KVFC) and South Brunswick Fire District #3 handed over the title for their superbly maintained 1988 Spartan 3D Engine to Chief Eulando Piñero of the Metro Emergency Response Team of Bayamon City, Puerto Rico. Bayamon is Puerto Rico's second-largest municipality and is part of the metropolitan area centered on San Juan.

Following a blessing by Rev. Sharyl Dixon of the Kingston Presbyterian Church, KVFC Chief George Luck, Jr., gave a brief talk about what led to this event. Last year Fire Chief Piñero contacted the Bridgewater Board of Fire Commissioners District #4 for help in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The plea for equipment and supplies was quickly answered by central New Jersey's local fire departments. The truck, which had served the Monmouth Junction Fire Department for 28 years, was being replaced. Instead it will be fully stocked with supplies and equipment donated by other local fire departments and shipped to Puerto Rico.

Chief Piñero expressed gratitude for the many firefighters who participated in this project. One of the key partners, Captain Borke of the New Brunswick Fire Department, said the brotherhood/sisterhood of firefighters, "is so strong that it almost brings tears to my eyes." Officer Fedor Salvador of the North Brunswick Police Department also praised the network that came together to provide support for their colleagues in Puerto Rico.