Friday, June 21, 2019

FirstService . . . or NoService?

After waiting over eight months for help—any kind of help—with a drainage problem, we had received no assistance. We had hoped a visit in mid-April by Anna DeSimone, one of the managers from FirstService Residential, and a BrightView representative would finally bring some action. But we heard nothing further after that. Then, in a chance encounter a few days ago outside our home, the same property manager finally admitted (two months after she was here) that no action would be taken. It seems like our Association has no intention of even trying to alleviate the water problem, and Ms. DeSimone wasn't even going to give us the courtesy of saying so.

Then to make matters worse, our landscape contractor BrightView just mowed our very wet, poorly drained lawn after a week of heavy rain. These pictures show the results. 

How much do we have to pay in monthly maintenance fees before we get the service we're paying for?

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