Sunday, January 3, 2021

Greetings and Take Care

Happy New Year, Princeton Landing friends, former neighbors, and residents.

Your board of directors may have faith in your management company, but we wonder how this is possible. Although we sold our home in the community in November, FirstService Residential is still sending us monthly maintenance bills. We have also received a collection notice for an erroneous December maintenance bill. The same day the January maintenance bill and the December collection notice arrived, we also received our former Parcel's finalized 2021 budget "prepared by the Association Board of Directors," telling us about the increase in monthly maintenance fees in Parcel 6. The maintenance bills and collection notice were sent to our new address. The Parcel budget was sent to our old address and forwarded.

Back in December when we received the first erroneous maintenance bill, my husband emailed the management office. He did not get a response. So I inquired to management on a copy of his email. Only then did they reply to him. They told him that it was "normal" to continue to receive maintenance bills even after you have sold your home in the community. It's "normal" then, it seems, to also receive a collection notice on a maintenance bill you didn't owe in the first place. 

Princeton Landing homeowners, THIS IS YOUR MANAGEMENT COMPANY. They are no longer our problem, but they are yours. We wish you all the best in the new year and sincerely hope that errors like these are not indicative of other ways in which your community may be mismanaged.

Be well. Take care. Stay safe.